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After a lengthy hiatus, I'm bringing back one of the most popular parts of the Dancing on Coals workshop experience--the in-depth critique. Coming soon, I'll once again accept complete manuscripts for critique/editing. More details to come on that score. But for now...

Only 10 slots open per month. I have to leave time to write my own books.

I know your first question is the cost, so let's get right to it. For this month, I'm offering two options:

In-depth critique of 25 manuscript pages for $50*
In-depth critique of 50 manuscript pages for $100*

Before submitting your document, I'll ask that you follow these formatting guidelines:

  • Pages should be formatted with 1" margins all around, 
  • Font no smaller than 12-point
  • Text must be double-spaced
  • Files must be on .doc, docx, or rtf format

Note: I'll accept manuscript pages from any genre except erotica, and may decline to work with a manuscript if it has excessive violence or profanity. I don't mind some, but there's a line I don't like to cross. If you wonder if your work falls into any of these categories, please e-mail me to discuss it.

What's Included?

You'll get a complete and comprehensive critique of the pages you submit with a focus on characterization, tension, plot, dialogue, goal/conflict/motivation, clarity, pacing, structure, sentence structure, organization, and voice. I make notes directly on your pages using MS Word's Track Changes feature. A critique is not necessarily the same as a line edit, although there may be some crossover. I'll focus more on making sure your story is working. 

All critiques will be returned in a timely manner. Upon return of my comments to you, we can schedule a one-day slot on the calendar during which I'll be available to discuss your submission and answer any questions you may have about my comments via e-mail.

Why should you choose to work with me? 

I'm a national bestselling author with more than 30 books on my back list, written across several genres. I've also been teaching writing classes online and in person (and offering critiques as part of the deal) since 1993. I bring more than 20 years of experience to the table. As a novelist myself, I understand writer's voice and respect individual style. I tailor my comments to help you shine, not to make you sound like me (or anyone else.)

I'll give you my honest opinion and feedback, including suggestions of things to consider, but your manuscript is your own, so take what resonates with you and leave the rest. My goal is to help you gain a clearer picture of what you want to accomplish in your book and how you might be able to do that. 


Click here to fill out the form

Once you've done that, I'll send you an invoice via Dancing on Coals on PayPal. Pay with your PayPal account or use your credit card. (Note: the form will say that you're subscribing to a list, but I'm not adding you to a mailing list. You won't receive any unsolicited email from me, just the invoice for your registration fee, instructions for submitting your manuscript pages, and private emails containing your critique.) 

*All fees are nonrefundable. 

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